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Toockies: Fair Trade Cleaning - Support Women in India

$ 7.50

In Nababpur, India over 230 women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, are mobilized and trained to create Toockies® products.  A community center provides these women with a central location for training, knitting, picking-up yarn, and dropping off finished product, though most knitters work from home, as is culturally required, allowing them to work flexible hours.  By purchasing Toockies®, you are directly supporting a woman and empowering her.  Many of the artisans are using your support to help provide education to their children.  Thank you for supporting these women!

• Tough cleaning and long lasting
• Machine wash/dryer
• Hand knit in vintage dishcloth pattern
• Compostable and recycle as potting mesh

Scrub Pad Set: Set of 2 scrub pads, the size of an average sponge with a hanging loop. These are great for those transitioning from sponges to scrub cloths. They provide an easy scrub and a hygienic alternative to sponges because they machine wash/dry to refresh and last for a very long time. 6 by 4 inches

Soap Sock: Place your bar of soap in the soap sock for easy scrubbing in the shower. 
5 by 4.5 inches

Trivet: use this thick, handknit trivet to protect your surfaces. 

Cotton/Jute Scrub Set:  Multi-purpose scrub cloths that are handknit out of certified 100% organic cotton and natural jute. This set includes one cotton and one jute scrubber. The jute cloth is more abrasive providing extra scrubbing power.  Use the jute wet on non-stick.  Scrub dry or wet on stainless or other surfaces.

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