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Toockies: Fair Trade wash cloths

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In Nababpur, India over 230 women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living, are mobilized and trained to create Toockies® products.  A community center provides these women with a central location for training, knitting, picking-up yarn, and dropping off finished product, though most knitters work from home, as is culturally required, allowing them to work flexible hours.  By purchasing Toockies®, you are directly supporting a woman and empowering her.  Many of the artisans are using your support to help provide education to their children.  Thank you for supporting these women!

• Tough cleaning and long lasting
• Machine wash/dryer
• Hand knit in vintage dishcloth pattern
• Compostable and recycle as potting mesh

Soap Sock for Him: Place your bar of soap in the soap sock for easy scrubbing in the shower, then hang to dry. 
5 by 4.5 inches

Wave Wash Cloth:  Set of 2 wave cloths 7.5" square. The lifted ribbing provides embossed ribbing for extra pickup while wiping and the increased texture makes scrubbing textured surfaces easier.  This knit pattern is perfect for scrubbing stainless steel appliances and glass stove tops, counter tops, dishes as well as textured walls, leather furniture and golf clubs with style.

Square Wash Cloth: Set of 3 7.5" wash cloths that are all purpose and can be used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Scrub Pad Set: Set of 2 scrub pads, the size of an average sponge with a hanging loop. These are great for those transitioning from sponges to scrub cloths. They provide an easy scrub and a hygienic alternative to sponges because they machine wash/dry to refresh and last for a very long time. 6 by 4 inches

Trivet: use this thick, handknit trivet to protect your surfaces. 

Cotton/Jute Scrub Set:  Multi-purpose scrub cloths that are handknit out of certified 100% organic cotton and natural jute. This set includes one cotton and one jute scrubber. The jute cloth is more abrasive providing extra scrubbing power.  Use the jute wet on non-stick.  Scrub dry or wet on stainless or other surfaces.

 Fair Trade Cleaning - Support Women in India

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