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Holiday Napkin Styling

Setting a nice table for Thanksgiving or Christmas may be daunting with one thousand other things on the to-do list.  We're put together a few ideas for how to style your napkins so you have less thinking to do.  You'll simply need napkins, silverware, and maybe a few accessories like ribbon, evergreen cuttings, or cinnamon sticks. 

1. Place a cloth napkin centered under your plate and hanging over the edge of the table.  You can either place your silverware in the traditional locations, or use one of my favorite ways to bundle.  Use a fork, spoon, and knife and tie a ribbon around the three as pictured below. Table Cloth

2.  Place a cloth napkin between two plates, such as a dinner/salad plate or soup bowl.  Feature any monogram just in front of the plates facing up.

3.  Use a fun paper napkin at the top of your plate and place a trio of silverware on top of the plate.  You can also place the napkin directly on the plate with the trio to the left.

4.  Use a traditional restaurant napkin roll technique to bundle silverware and tie with a cute ribbon.  I did a single tie and curled the ends of this wired ribbon so it will be easy for guests to pull apart.  Table Cloth

5.  Place your folded cloth napkin half way under your plates.  I love adding a mini pumpkin to each plate for your guests to take home if they wish.  This style is ideal for a corner monogram.   You can also place a small gift for your guests in front of the plates, like a small soap

6.  Hold the center of your napkin with one hand and gather together half way down.  Tie with a pretty ribbon and add some live greenery.  We used a stalk of rosemary and a cinnamon stick here.  The smell is amazing and your guests can tie the two up after a scrumptious meal to place in their luggage or by the bed. 

Extras: Find our fall table pattern here.  Also, add an extra punch with a beautiful placecard.  These are Made in America!



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